“Tragic Reminder of War: Russian Missile Strike Destroys Family Kitchen in Ukraine, Killing Well-Loved Boxing Coach

Russian missile strike on saturday tore off the external wall of a family kitchen in ukraine, killing well known boxing coach mykhailo korenovsky and 40 others, including three children. the apartment was located in dnipro, and his wife and children reportedly survived the strike. the image of the kitchen is striking for the stark contrast between the normal and the abnormal, with a bowl of apples still sitting on the table and oven gloves hanging neatly from a line of hooks.
the strike happened on saturday, and before the missile strike, the kitchen had been the centre of a happy family moment – a child’s birthday party. in a video published online, a young girl smiles as she is presented with a huge birthday cake, and blows out her four candles.
the strike was caused by a russian missile, and it is a stark reminder of how suddenly war can destroy lives. bbc russian journalist liza fokht suggested that it may have been korenovsky who bought the apples for his family, which were left standing on the table after the building collapsed. the tragedy has caused shock and sadness on social media, with many people highlighting the small details in the photograph, suggesting a family getting on with their life as best they could, despite the raging war.


By Evey Lovelace

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