“Tragedy Strikes on Nepal Trip: Sonu Jaiswal’s Last Video Goes Viral”

1: sonu jaiswal was part of a group of four friends from ghazipur, india, who were visiting nepal when tragedy struck. a video went viral on social media showing sonu jaiswal livestreaming from the plane just seconds before the crash, resulting in the death of all 72 people on board.

2: the incident occurred when the four friends were visiting nepal. mukesh kashyap, a friend of jaiswal, informed reporters of the video shown on his private facebook profile. abhishek pratap shah, a former nepalese lawmaker, stated rescuers had found the phone from the plane’s wreckage that contained the video clip.

3: the cause of the crash is still unknown. it is not known why the plane crashed, but the video clip from the phone found in the wreckage is believed to be the last moments of the plane before it went down. the loved ones of the four men – jaiswal, abhishek kushwaha, anil rajbhar and vishal – are still in shock after the tragic incident.


By Evey Lovelace

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