Police Expand Investigation into Accused Rapist and Human Trafficker Andrew Tate

Romanian police are now expanding their investigation into andrew tate, who has been accused of rape, human trafficking, and running a criminal organisation. bogdan stancu, andrew tate’s head of security, said that some girls living at the influencer’s compound thought they were going to be his “next wife”. last year, romania was removed from the us trafficking in persons report watchlist, but the report noted that there were still concerns about romanian officials being involved in people trafficking.

Investigation began last year when police seized several cars from mr tate’s collection during raids on his properties. six women have been identified as potential victims, though two of them have denied any mistreatment by the tate brothers. beatrice and jasmin, both of whom have tattoos reading “property of tate” and “tate girl”, worked in the compound in bucharest where andrew tate lived with his brother and the models.

Is alleged that tate lured women to romania with promises of a serious relationship or marriage, before forcing or manipulating them into working for him as models in adult entertainment chat rooms. mr stancu, a former special forces soldier, said most of the girls there were under the age of 25 and “misunderstood the reality”. laura stefan, a legal expert and anti-corruption campaigner from expert forum think tank, said that andrew tate’s assessment of romania’s attitude towards sexual crimes is not wrong. police only have two weeks to charge the tate brothers or find enough evidence to convince a judge to extend their detention while the investigation continues.


By Evey Lovelace

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