Martin Luther King Jr.: The Iconic Leader Who Fought for Equality and American Ideals

1: martin luther king jr. was an influential civil rights leader who wrote five books and published numerous collections of his letters and sermons. he is most famous for his “i have a dream” speech at the 1963 march on washington and his 1964 book, why we can’t wait, which was an account of the events leading up to the birmingham, alabama campaign to end segregation. in 1958, he was attacked by a mentally ill woman while signing copies of his book. his mother, alberta williams king, was also tragically shot and killed while playing the organ during a service at ebenezer baptist church.

2: the attack on martin luther king jr. happened in 1958 when he was signing copies of his book. alberta williams king was shot and killed in the ebenezer baptist church in atlanta, georgia. nichelle nichols, known for her iconic role as lt nyota ohura on the original star trek series, was once introduced to her “biggest fan”, martin luther king jr., at an awards ceremony.

3: martin luther king jr. was attacked by a mentally ill woman while he was signing copies of his book. the knife was dangerously close to his aorta and he was close to death. the shooter of alberta williams king was found guilty and sentenced to death, but was later re-sentenced to life in prison in part because of the king family’s opposition to the death penalty. martin luther king jr. expressed no bitterness towards the woman who attacked him and constantly tried to show how his efforts were in line with american ideals. his unwavering commitment to justice and equality serves as an example to the world.

By Evey Lovelace

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