Fasttoken (FTN) Launches Public Sale, Aims to Become Primary Token in Web3 Gaming Space

(ftn) is set to go on sale to the public on january 18. the native token of the fastex ecosystem, ftn is part of a project that aims to become one of the primary tokens in the web3 gaming space. the project has been developed by softconstruct, a tech company that has built the likes of gambling software provider betconstruct, website-builder ucraft, and metaverse platform pandamr.

Public sale of ftn will take place on january 18, with each token priced at €0.35 ($0.37). a cap of 60 million ftn will be issued, with two presale rounds already completed for employees of softconstruct and associated companies, and partners and private buyers. the fastex ecosystem also includes a crypto payments system, an exchange, a metaverse solution, and an nft marketplace.

Chain uses a patent-pending consensus mechanism called proof of staked activity (posa). under this system, users are rewarded not only for how much they are willing to stake, but also for their activity on smart contracts. this enables developers, builders, and businesses to build and scale decentralized applications on the rewarding platform. by switching from ethereum to the new blockchain with the unique consensus mechanism, fasttoken expects to be usable in hundreds of games developed by over 100 game makers by the end of january.

By Evey Lovelace

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