Bulgarian Prosecutors Investigating Crypto Lender Nexo Amid Political Allegations and Terrorist Financing Claims

Prosecutors are investigating crypto lender nexo and have outlined alleged crimes committed by the company. over 300 people were involved in the operation which saw authorities enter nexo’s offices in sofia on sunday. nexo has denied the claims and has put in place strict anti-money laundering policies.

Raid began without officials identifying themselves or showing badges and without presenting a search warrant until a few hours after it started. investigators have evidence that at least one person using the platform had been declared a financier of terrorism and allegedly identified 100 transfers to the terrorist group hamas.

Has described bulgaria as “corrupt” in multiple statements and referred to the recent regulatory crackdown on crypto as a situation “bordering with racketeering.” the news of the investigation has reportedly prompted a flood of withdrawals from the platform and nexo has said it will take action to protect its employees and the company itself, which could cost hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. an independent international auditor is also reported to be looking into nexo’s activities.


By Evey Lovelace

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