Mexico Takes Bold Step to Become Smoke-Free: Enacts Strictest Anti-Smoking Law in the Americas

Has enacted a total ban on smoking in public places, joining several other latin american countries that have passed legislation to create smoke-free public spaces. mexico’s legislation is considered to be the most robust and wide-ranging in the americas, and amounts to one of the most stringent anti-smoking laws in the world. the pan american health organisation has welcomed the step and applauded the mexican government.

Ban was first approved in 2021 and includes a ban on tobacco advertising. smokers are only allowed to smoke in their homes or other private residences. vapes and e-cigarettes are also subject to tighter new restrictions, particularly indoors. the law was enacted in public spaces across mexico and was extended to an outright ban.

Ban is intended to reduce the number of deaths caused by smoking in the americas, which is estimated to be nearly a million each year. questions have been raised about the practicalities of enforcing the law, as police corruption is rampant in mexico and some officers may use the law as a pretext for taking bribes. the mexican government is committed to ensuring that the ban is enforced, and is confident that it will lead to a reduction in smoking-related deaths in the country.

By Evey Lovelace

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