Former FTX US President Brett Harrison Exposes ‘Gaslighting and Manipulation’ by Sam Bankman-Fried, Launches Crypto Software Company Worth Up to $100M

Former president of ftx us, brett harrison, was involved in the events described. in april of last year, harrison’s relationship with ftx us ceo sam bankman-fried began to deteriorate. bankman-fried disagreed with harrison’s proposed structural changes to the organization, and harrison reported facing “tremendous pressure” not to disagree with bankman-fried. after submitting a formal complaint and being threatened with being fired and his reputation ruined, harrison stepped down from his role at ftx us in september.

Events occurred primarily at ftx us, a crypto trading platform. the deterioration of harrison’s relationship with bankman-fried began in april of last year, and harrison announced his departure from ftx us and his shift into an advisory role with the firm in september. harrison is now launching a crypto software company, which bloomberg reported last month had sought funding at a valuation of up to $100 million.

Events were triggered by harrison’s proposed structural changes to the organization, which bankman-fried disagreed with. harrison wanted to make the software development responsibilities of ftx co-founder gary wang and nishad singh, the former ftx engineering chief, more transparent. wang and nishad have since been charged by the southern district of new york and are cooperating with investigations into ftx. harrison expressed sympathy towards bankman-fried’s leadership, citing his belief that personal issues such as “addiction and mental health problems” may have been a factor. harrison and other employees felt their expertise was disregarded, and bankman-fried used tactics such as “gaslighting and manipulation” to isolate harrison as a leader. american financier and former white house director of communications anthony scaramucci revealed himself as an investor in a reply to harrison’s thread, and harrison expressed his appreciation for the support and his excitement to continue his work in the crypto space.

By Evey Lovelace

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