California Floods Claim 19 Lives, Leave Thousands Fleeing in Fear of Repeat Tragedy

Than 25 million people in california are facing a flood watch as a series of storms continues to drench the state. at least 19 people have been killed and thousands have been instructed to evacuate their residences. montecito, located 135 km (84 miles) north-west of los angeles, has seen particularly devastating effects from the storm, with a mudslide in 2018 resulting in 23 fatalities.

Storm began 16 days ago, and has already caused 24 trillion gallons of water to fall. 19 people have lost their lives, and a five-year-old boy is still missing after he and his mother were trapped in a flash flood. president joe biden has ordered federal aid for three counties in northern california.

Extreme weather is likely a result of global warming, with nasa climate scientist kimberley rain miner warning of more extreme events as temperatures continue to rise. rita bourbon attributes her survival of the storm to the italian stone masons who built her home, while abe powell, co-founder of the santa barbara bucket brigade, is no stranger to montecito’s creek and has been working to clean up the mess left by the deadly mudslide. with the ground already saturated, californians are on edge, waiting to hear if they should evacuate and where they might go.

By Evey Lovelace

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