68 Killed in Yeti Airlines Flight Crash in Nepal

Sunday morning, a yeti airlines flight from kathmandu to the tourist town of pokhara crashed and caught fire, leading to the deaths of at least 68 people. the flight had 68 passengers on board, including at least 15 foreign nationals, and four crew members. of the passengers, 53 were said to be nepalese. the remaining passengers included five indians, four russians, two koreans, one from ireland, australia, argentina and france, among others.

Crash occurred on sunday morning at 11:00am local time (05:15 gmt). the plane was travelling from kathmandu to pokhara, a popular tourist town in nepal. khum bahadur chhetri observed the plane as it approached the airport and reported that it was trembling and moving left and right before it suddenly nosedived into a gorge. divya dhakal, a local resident, recounted her experience of the crash to the bbc, saying that she had seen the plane plummet from the sky.

Cause of the crash is still unknown, though mobile phone footage showed the aircraft rolling sharply as it approached the airport. this tragedy highlighted the dangers of navigating the hazardous terrain of the himalayas and the need for improved regulation and investment in new aircraft in the nation. just four years prior, 51 people were killed when a flight travelling from bangladesh caught fire as it landed in kathmandu. in response to these events, the european union has banned nepalese airlines from its airspace due to concerns about training and maintenance standards.


By Evey Lovelace

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