Peru President Refuses to Step Down Despite Weeks of Deadly Protests

President dina boluarte has been the subject of weeks of anti-government protests, which have been met with violent clashes that have left dozens dead and scores injured. these clashes were triggered by the arrest of former president pedro castillo in december, who had attempted to suspend congress after losing an impeachment vote. supporters of mr castillo have been calling for new elections and ms boluarte’s removal, which she has refused to do.

Unrest in peru began in december and has continued for weeks, with the most recent clashes occurring on the tenth consecutive day following a new year lull. the violence has taken place across the country, with the us expressing “deep concern” and sadness at the injuries and deaths that have occurred. the head of us diplomacy for latin america, brian nichols, has called for peace on all sides.

Violence was sparked by the arrest of mr castillo, who was remanded in custody for 18 months for trying to dissolve congress and is being investigated for fraud during his presidential tenure. ms boluarte has accused radical factions of causing chaos, disorder and destruction and bringing the country to a standstill. she has called for all sides to reject violence and seek compromise, but has refused to step down despite the pressure.

By Evey Lovelace

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