“Gambian Hero Ebrima Solo Sandeng: The Man Who Sparked a Revolution and Fought for Fairness”

Solo sandeng was an opposition politician in the gambia who led a march to demand change in the electoral laws that were designed to perpetuate oppression and unfairness. he was arrested and bundled into a vehicle, and his death sparked outrage across the country. it was seen as the pivotal event that eventually led to the ousting of then-president yahya jammeh.

Death occurred in 2016, and the trrc found evidence of repressive measures used during jammeh’s rule. forensic experts were employed to analyse sandeng’s remains and found abrasions and traumas on the corpse that proved he had been tortured to death. five members of the former nia and the doctor who provided the death certificate were convicted for their role in the killing.

Death was seen as a protest against the oppressive laws and a fight for freedom. he is remembered as an ordinary man who showed extraordinary bravery, and his funeral was attended by family, dignitaries, and senior cabinet ministers. the rites in banjul were conducted at a monument originally built to commemorate mr jammeh’s coup, arch 22. the electoral laws sandeng fought to change are still on the statute books, and many believe that the most fitting memorial to him would be to repeal them.


By Evey Lovelace

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