Former Public Security Chief of Brasília Arrested Amid Supreme Court Investigation of 8 January Riots

Torres, the former public security chief of brasília, was arrested by brazil’s federal police on friday evening. an arrest warrant was issued by the supreme court accusing mr torres of alleged collusion with rioters behind attacks on government buildings, as well as omission – failure to act – in his role as the capital’s security chief. thousands of protesters overran police and ransacked government buildings on 8 january in the brazilian capital.

Riots occurred on 8 january in brasília. documents of a draft decree proposing emergency steps for the possible “correction” of the october election had been found at mr torres’s home. following the riots, brazil’s judicial authorities ordered the arrest of other top public officials and fábio augusto, the police commander, was dismissed from his role.

Riots were allegedly instigated by allies of former president jair bolsonaro, and were in response to president luiz inácio lula da silva’s election victory in october. mr bolsonaro posted a video days after the riots questioning the legitimacy of october’s presidential elections, which he lost to mr lula. prosecutors said the former president may have incited a crime by making such claims. supreme court judge alexandre de moraes announced mr bolsonaro would be included in the probe into what the office of the prosecutor general said was the “instigation and intellectual authorship” of the rioting. mr torres insists his conscience is clear.

By Evey Lovelace

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