US National Intelligence Office Reports 510 UFO Sightings, 171 Unidentified and Unattributed

Us national intelligence office recently released a report detailing 510 reported ufo sightings, an increase from the 144 compiled in the spy agency’s first 2021 assessment. the report was issued in part by the all-domain anomaly resolution office (aaro), a pentagon office created last year to review uap incidents. nearly half of the new sightings were deemed “unremarkable” and attributed to human origins, while 171 sightings remain “uncharacterised and unattributed”.

Report was issued in late 2021, with the majority of the sightings occurring in restricted or sensitive airspace. the increased reports of encounters are the result of “a concentrated effort to destigmatise the topic of uap and instead recognise the potential risks that it poses as both a safety of flight hazard and potential adversarial activity”. none of the reports have been linked to any extra-terrestrial activity.

Aaro is focused on receiving and analysing incidents with unidentified phenomena and working with intelligence agencies to further assess those incidents. the effort continues to identify whether the remaining ufos have earthly origins. in the absence of being able to resolve what something is, it is assumed that it may be hostile. the pentagon’s undersecretary of defense for intelligence and security stated that they have not seen anything that would lead them to believe that any of the objects are of alien origin.

By Evey Lovelace

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