Ukraine Declared a De Facto Member of NATO by Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov

Ukrainian defence minister, oleksii reznikov, recently declared that ukraine has become a de facto member of the nato alliance. this announcement was made by the president of ukraine, volodymyr zelensky, in an effort to push for fast-track accession to nato. the announcement also noted that ukraine has the weaponry and understanding of how to use it, making it a de facto member of nato, even though it is not officially a part of the alliance.

Announcement was made on may 4th, 2021 in kyiv, ukraine. article 5 of the nato treaty states that an armed attack against any member should be considered an attack against all. this announcement was met with some controversy, not only from russia, but from nato as well. yevgeny prigozhin, a long-time ally of russian president vladimir putin and the founder of the wagner group, was also involved in the announcement.

Announcement was made in response to the ongoing war in ukraine. ukrainian defence minister andriy reznikov denied that his remarks would be seen as controversial, not only by russia but by nato as well. the announcement was made to show that ukraine has the capability to defend itself, even though it is not officially a part of the nato alliance. it is still unclear whether full membership is something the alliance members will seriously consider even after the war is over.

By Evey Lovelace

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