Tragedy in Budapest: Police Officer Killed by Alleged Attacker While Trying to Make Arrest

1: on thursday, a police officer in budapest died after a man allegedly stabbed him while trying to escape arrest. the deceased police officer was 29-year-old peter baumann, and the alleged perpetrator was described as a “crazed man with a knife”. hungarian police were called to a flat in district xi of hungary’s capital, and the man injured three policemen before he escaped onto the street.

2: the incident occurred at about 22:10 cet (21:10 gmt), and the alleged attacker was shot by a fourth officer and arrested. the man attempted to enter a flat in district xi of hungary’s capital, and the hungarian police department said a black flag will be flown on police buildings and service vehicles will display a mourning ribbon.

3: the hungarian government will provide support to mr baumann’s family, and hungarian prime minister viktor orban said the government would provide support to mr baumann’s family. the man injured three police officers before he escaped, and the motive for the attack is still unknown. all injured police officers, along with the alleged attacker were taken to hospital.

By Evey Lovelace

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