“Tiny Colony Moves from Solana to Immutable X, Attracted by Focus on Games and NFTs”

Games, the developer of tiny colony, announced its move from solana to immutable x today. tiny colony is a blockchain-based construction and management simulator that was launched on solana last summer. navabi, the creator of tiny colony, recently announced plans to enable users to swap their solana-based nfts for immutable x nfts.

Move from solana to immutable x took place today, with the full version of tiny colony set to debut later this year on the ethereum scaling network. tinyverse, founded in 2021 by gaming, film, and tv veterans from netflix, disney, amazon prime, ea, capcom, and playstation, was attracted to immutable x’s lack of gas fees for completing transactions, as well as its focus on games and nfts. immutable x has offered tiny colony a grant of imx tokens based on milestones hit once it is live on the platform.

Growing competition in the nft space and the subsequent decline in sol token price, as well as the crypto winter of 2022 and the collapse of ftx and alameda research, have all contributed to the move from solana to immutable x. alex navabi, ceo of tiny colony, believes that game developers and producers should stop expecting web2 gamers to understand the elements of web3 games. immutable x offers faster and cheaper transaction times, as well as access to other features of the network, making it an attractive selling point for navabi.


By Evey Lovelace

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