Justice Department Appoints Special Counsel to Investigate Classified Documents Found in Biden’s Home and Office

Justice department has appointed an independent lawyer, robert hur, to investigate the classified documents found at president joe biden’s delaware home and a washington office he once used. the documents were discovered in two sets; the first set of ten classified documents included briefing materials on foreign countries from mr biden’s time as vice-president, some of which were reportedly labelled as top secret, while the second set of documents found in the biden household were from the obama-biden administration.

Documents were found in two locations; the first set of documents was discovered in the locked closet of the president’s office at the penn biden center in washington, while the second tranche was found in the garage of biden’s home in wilmington, delaware, with a single-page document discovered in an adjacent room. investigations will be seeking to determine who had access to the residences where the materials were found, as well as the security of the storage of the files.

General services administration is responsible for the transition of power in the white house, which includes getting the new president and vice-president in and the departing ones and their documents out. congressional republicans have called for the release of visitor logs for mr biden’s homes, citing the potential national security risk posed by the discovery of classified documents. the newly-appointed special counsel robert hur will be examining “the possible unauthorised removal and retention of classified documents”, an offence under us criminal code. who may have handled these documents in the seven years since mr biden left his vice presidency is still uncertain.


By Evey Lovelace

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