‘Four Stripe Victory: Court Sides with Fashion Designer Against Adidas in Trademark Dispute’

Court case involved adidas, a sportswear giant, and thom browne inc, a fashion designer. adidas was trying to stop browne from using a four-stripe design, which they argued was too similar to their own three-stripe design. however, the jury in new york sided with browne.

Legal battle between the two companies dates back to 2007, when adidas first complained about browne using a three-stripe design on jackets. browne agreed to stop using it and added a fourth stripe. the court case was launched in 2021.

Jury sided with browne because his lawyers argued that shoppers were unlikely to confuse the two brands as his had a different number of stripes. they also argued that sportswear does not dominate browne’s creations and his output is aimed at wealthy customers. they further argued that stripes are a common design. adidas has launched more than 90 court battles and signed more than 200 settlement agreements since 2008 related to its trademark. a spokesperson for thom browne inc said the company was pleased with the outcome.


By Evey Lovelace

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