“Fan-Owned SailGP Racing Team Launches, Offering Equity Tokens and NFTs to Accredited Investors”

First ever fan-owned sailgp racing team has opened its doors to investors. this team is a decentralized autonomous organization (dao) on the near protocol, allowing token holders to vote on key decisions. the team was created by famous sailor russell coutts and oracle co-founder larry ellison, who entered into a multi-year partnership with near protocol in march 2022. marieke flament said the fan-owned team “creates a blueprint for building a successful use case for web3.”

Team is aiming to be the tenth team in the sailgp league and will debut in season 4 of the competition, kicking off in june 2023 with the united states sail grand prix | chicago at navy pier. accredited investors can purchase from one to 40 equity tokens for $5,000 each at www.fanownedsailgpteam.com and fanpass nfts will become available, offering access to the new team’s community and governance, but not equity. the new fan-owned professional racing team is based in the bermuda and the caribbean.

Goal is to have a vibrant community of owners and fans jointly sharing the journey of establishing and operating a global racing team. russell coutts called the fan-owned team “the ultimate implementation of a loyalty program,” handing control over the team to “a passionate community of fans.” once the new team reaches a total of $35 million in funding, the offer will close. sponsored post by bernoulli | locke.


By Evey Lovelace

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