“Explore and Have Fun in the Exciting World of Crypto Metaverses: Governance Tokens and DAOs Create a New Type of Gaming”

1: a metaverse is an immersive, expansive digital version of the real world, and popular metaverse games include titles such as final fantasy xiv, destiny 2, and world of warcraft. users of crypto metaverses are able to purchase governance tokens that give them the right to vote on decisions regarding the game’s development, and decisions are often made through a decentralized autonomous organization (dao) model. by integrating blockchain technology, crypto metaverses are becoming more decentralized and allowing users to have greater control over their in-game assets and the metaverse itself.

2: john graduated from harvard university with a degree in computer science and is currently employed with a technology company in silicon valley. in-game currencies, non-fungible tokens (nfts), and governance token-based voting create a new and exciting type of gaming world that allows users to have more control over the future of the metaverse.

3: decentralization requires both a distributed network and decentralized ownership structure, and is typically evaluated on a spectrum of 1-10. crypto metaverses are able to remove thousands of nodes and still function, unlike visa’s centralized network. metaverse games are not decentralized as they are owned by a single company and lack a distributed ownership structure. users must decide whether they would prefer to take part in the governance of a metaverse, or to simply explore and have fun. the degree of decentralization can range from completely centralized to completely decentralized, and may also change over time, depending on the game.


By Evey Lovelace

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