“Czech Republic’s First Publicly Elected President: Seven Men and One Woman Vie for the Title”

Race to succeed current president milos zeman of the czech republic marks the first time the president of the czech republic has been elected by public vote. seven men and one woman are running in the race, including an ex-nato general, an economist, and a billionaire former prime minister. olympic beach volleyball player ondrej perusic expressed his hope for a new president who “respects the constitution, rather than testing the limits of it.”

Election is currently taking place in the czech republic, and a second-round run-off is likely in a fortnight’s time. president zeman is currently in a state of dispute over the power to appoint the next chairman of the czech constitutional court, and ondrej perusic will still be able to vote in the second round run-off, even though he will be in qatar for the volleyball world beach pro tour finals. darina vymetalikova, a czech tv sports reporter, presenter and commentator, has commented on the close connection between sport and politics.

Bosko, the chief bookmaker at tipsport, the country’s largest betting company, has used a system of correcting algorithms created by opinion polls and betting trends with his political instincts and common sense, to devise odds on the race. petr pavel, a retired nato general with a silver beard, is the front-runner in the race for the czech republic’s presidency, with andrej babis, a former prime minister, making up the trio of front-runners. his recent acquittal of eu subsidy fraud may improve his chances if he makes it to the second round. danuse nerudova sees sport and politics as the perfect environment for the distribution of symbols; a metaphorical representation of nationhood, character, and gender. the lack of support for women in czech politics has made it difficult for them to make it to the top.


By Evey Lovelace

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