Special Counsel Appointed to Investigate President Biden’s Handling of Classified Documents

Thursday, us attorney general merrick garland announced the appointment of robert hur, a former senior justice department official during the trump presidency, as special counsel to investigate president joe biden’s handling of classified documents. the documents were discovered at mr biden’s home in wilmington, delaware, and at the penn biden center, a think-tank he launched in washington dc, and were subsequently handed over to the us national archives. white house officials have stated that mr biden will cooperate with the investigation.

Documents were located on 20 december and an additional document was found on thursday morning. according to mr biden, his lawyers had notified the officials of the discovery and that he takes the matter seriously. the search in his garage revealed “a small number of additional obama-biden administration records with classified markings”. another search of his home in rehoboth beach, delaware, yielded no additional files.

Investigation follows an ongoing inquiry into the handling of classified files by former president donald trump. sources familiar with the case have informed cbs, the bbc’s us partner, that an investigation is underway to determine how the classified documents were handled. republican speaker of the us house of representatives kevin mccarthy has raised concerns about the timing of the discovery being made public. mr trump is currently under investigation by the justice department for more than 325 classified files – including some marked with secret and top secret designations – discovered last year at his mar-a-lago estate in florida.


By Evey Lovelace

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