Russian Assault on Ukrainian Town of Soledar Revealed in Newly Released Satellite Images

Newly released satellite images show the destruction caused by the fighting between russian and ukrainian forces in soledar, ukraine. the russian forces have been attempting to take control of the town for months, and the wagner mercenary group has been heavily involved in the battle. ukraine’s defence ministry has reported that the russian forces have yet to make any progress in taking the town.

Fighting in soledar has been ongoing since at least september, and the images show that ukrainian trenches have been targeted by russian artillery. the strategic significance of the town is disputed, but if russian forces are successful in taking soledar it could provide them with a secure artillery position within range of the city of bakhmut. the town also has deep salt mines, which could be used to station troops and store equipment.

Damage caused by the fighting includes the destruction of a school and several agricultural buildings. bomb craters have also appeared in the landscape and roads around the town. russia’s defence ministry has confirmed that its forces are involved in the battle for soledar, and the kremlin is hoping to gain a symbolic victory by taking control of the town. if successful, it could provide a much needed boost for russian forces in the east and help their assault on the city of bakhmut.

By Evey Lovelace

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