Putin Publicly Criticizes Minister During Government Meeting, Orders Major Changes in Ukraine

The first meeting of the government in 2023, russian president vladimir putin publicly criticized the trade and industry minister. putin accused the minister of bureaucratic delays in ordering civilian and military planes and interrupted him during a video call that was broadcast on russian tv. the minister had been tasked with overseeing the weapons industry last summer and had been a loyal member of putin’s ministerial team since 2012.

Incident occurred in the first meeting of the government in 2023. the video call was broadcast on russian tv. putin had ordered his top security figures to say whether russia should recognise two occupied areas of eastern ukraine as independent and began to interrogate one of his closest allies when he hesitantly suggested russia’s western partners should be given one last chance.

Interrupted the minister during the video call and replaced his top commander in ukraine after just three months in charge. he ordered the minister to sort out the situation with the defence ministry within a month and announced the incorporation of ukraine’s regions into russia several months later. the minister had launched a programme to produce helicopter engines in st petersburg that were previously made in ukraine. putin had praised his ministers’ handling of the economy during the video call and the minister had regularly travelled with the president on foreign and domestic visits. the minister promised his department would do its best with its economic partners. putin’s criticism of the minister was likely due to the series of setbacks russia had experienced in its invasion of ukraine.


By Evey Lovelace

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