“Miraculous Surgery Removes Unexploded Grenade From Ukrainian Soldier’s Chest”

1: a ukrainian soldier had an unexploded grenade removed from his chest by major general andrii verba, who is described as “one of the most experienced surgeons” of ukraine’s armed forces. the surgery was carried out without the use of electrocoagulation as the grenade could have detonated at any time. two sappers were present in the operating theatre to ensure the safety of medical staff and the soldier is now recovering. a team of sappers reportedly disposed of the grenade following the surgery.

2: it is not known when the operation was carried out or where the soldier was wounded. on tuesday, the wagner mercenary group announced it had “stormed” the city of soledar in the donetsk region and was in full control of it. soledar boasts salt mines which would provide the invading forces with a place to station troops and equipment, protected from ukrainian missiles. it is also around six miles to the south-west of bakhmut where russian troops are currently focusing their assault.

3: it is not known how the grenade came to be lodged in the soldier’s chest. vog grenades can be fired a distance of up to 400m [0.2 miles]. since the war began, russia has lost control of kherson, the only regional capital in the south it had managed to capture. seizing control in either location would be a much-needed propaganda victory for moscow. fighting in the east of ukraine continues as ukrainian forces attempt to push back troops sent by moscow.


By Evey Lovelace

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