Lisa Marie Presley Rushed to Hospital After Suspected Cardiac Arrest, Mother Priscilla in Tears at Golden Globes

Marie presley, the only child of rock legend elvis, was rushed to hospital on tuesday night after suffering a suspected cardiac arrest. emergency responders were dispatched to an address in calabasas, california, and a bystander administered epinephrine, commonly known as adrenaline, to help her regain a pulse. her current condition is unclear, but her mother priscilla was seen arriving at the west hills hospital in los angeles.

Incident occurred on tuesday night at the golden globes awards in beverley hills. lisa marie was accompanied by her mother, and the pair were seen breaking down in tears as they watched austin butler win the best actor prize. during an emotional speech, the actor thanked the presley family for their help during the film.

Is suspected that lisa marie suffered a cardiac arrest, and a bystander administered epinephrine to help her regain a pulse. elvis presley was her father, and lisa marie was married to michael jackson, nicholas cage, danny keough and michael lockwood. she released three albums and had three children, including the actress roxy keough. her son, benjamin keough, killed himself in 2020. the cause of her cardiac arrest is still unknown.

By Evey Lovelace

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