“From Stranded Refugee to Canadian Citizen: Hassan al-Kontar’s Incredible Journey of Resilience and Hope”

1: hassan al-kontar found himself stranded in a malaysian airport for seven months in 2018 due to the civil war in syria. he was unable to return home, and his attempts to enter ecuador and cambodia were unsuccessful. he documented his plight through video diaries and tweets, and was eventually sponsored by the bc muslim association to enter canada.
paragraph 2: his journey began in 2018, when he was stuck in the malaysian airport. he has since helped his family relocate from syria to egypt, and was recently naturalised as a canadian citizen. he has worked to better himself, taking dozens of online courses and being promoted to work in flood recovery for the canadian red cross. he has also helped with the province’s mobile vaccination efforts during covid.
paragraph 3: hassan al-kontar has not only worked to better himself, but has also raised awareness for the plight of refugees around the globe. he has written a book about his ordeal and can now apply for a canadian passport. he hopes to travel to other countries to help other refugees who are displaced, considering himself canadian since the day one.


By Evey Lovelace

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