Brazilian President Lula Accuses Bolsonaro Allies of Aiding Attack on Presidential Palace

Sunday, brazilian president luiz inácio lula da silva accused allies of former leader jair bolsonaro of aiding the attack on the presidential palace. as of now, 1,500 people have been detained in connection with the attempted insurrection. lula declared his intention to conduct a thorough screening of palace employees and proposed that only career civil servants, preferably civilian ones, could remain in the palace, as he feared for his safety. arrest warrants have been issued for the officials allegedly responsible for the riots, including former justice minister anderson torres.

Attack on the presidential palace happened on sunday in the brazilian capital of brasilia. attention has been drawn to the military in recent weeks, as many perceive its members to be supporters of former army captain, jair bolsonaro. reports of officers potentially preventing police from detaining protesters have been denied by the army.

Attack was reportedly facilitated by allies of former leader jair bolsonaro, who had supporters inside the palace. president lula concluded by saying that someone had facilitated their entrance. in response to the attack, the government has urged social media platforms to take steps to suspend accounts that have been involved in planning criminal behaviour. additionally, pro-bolsonaro groups have been calling for “mega” demonstrations to take place in various brazilian state capitals.

By Evey Lovelace

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