Bill Gates: AI is Most Revolutionary Technology, Predicts Metaverse Use in 2-3 Years

Co-founder bill gates recently participated in an ama (ask me anything) session on reddit. during the session, he was asked about web3 and the metaverse, as well as ai, chatbot chatgpt, and his humanitarian work. gates expressed his opinion that ai is the most revolutionary technology today, and was impressed with the approach and rate of innovation of chatgpt. he also predicted that most virtual meetings would move from 2d platforms to the metaverse within two or three years. gates was also clear in his dislike of cryptocurrencies and nfts.

Ama session took place on reddit, and was part of gates’s ongoing efforts to stay connected with the public. during the session, he answered a question from a reddit user regarding what current tech has the potential the internet did in 2000. he also spoke about climate change, veganism, and infinite jest. gates believes that vr technology can improve the experience of remote meetings.

Has been working to make his prediction about virtual meetings a reality. microsoft is one of 35 companies that have founded the metaverse standards forum, which seeks to coordinate cooperation for an “open and inclusive metaverse”. microsoft has also made its meetings apps available on meta devices. gates also discussed his plans to use ai to provide medical help to people in africa who can’t access a doctor, and to provide tutors to help kids learn math and stay interested. the goal is to use these technologies to make the world a better place.

By Evey Lovelace

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