UK Culture Secretary Insists Parthenon Sculptures Remain in UK, Despite Potential Deal with Greek Government

Paragraph: michelle donelan, the uk’s culture secretary, has insisted that the parthenon sculptures should remain in the uk and not be returned to greece. reports have suggested that the british museum’s chairman, george osborne, may be close to agreeing a deal with the greek government to send the sculptures to athens on loan.

Paragraph: the sculptures, which are part of a frieze that decorated the parthenon temple in athens, were removed in the 19th century by british diplomat and soldier lord elgin and were bought by the british government in 1816.

Paragraph: donelan has stated that she will not change the law, which prevents the museum from permanently returning the artworks. this decision is based on the idea that the sculptures are part of the uk’s cultural heritage and should remain in the country. this is despite the fact that the sculptures were originally taken from greece and the greek government’s request to have them returned.

By Evey Lovelace

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