Ledger Live Introduces Cometh Battle: Experience the Future of Web3 Gaming Now!

Recently announced the addition of a blockchain game, cometh battle, to its ledger live app. the game, which released its open beta version on ethereum scaling network polygon back in may 2022, is a free-to-play sci-fi digital card game. ledger’s vp of consumer engineering carl anderson and cometh ceo jerome de tychey are both involved in the project.

Game’s presence on ledger live allows players to create an account on the game’s associated blockchain through the app. the game’s in-game assets are nfts that can be bought, sold, or rented, and players are given 40 cards and a spaceship nft for free when they start. ledger’s entry into the nascent market suggests that the web3 gaming ecosystem is still in its infancy—with plenty of room to grow.

Inclusion of an existing web3 game in its app is noteworthy because it won’t be exclusive to ledger hardware owners. according to jerome de tychey, the game’s presence on ledger live will make the experience more secure and hassle-free for players. the game is pvp, meaning each player is pitted against another in online person-versus-person matches. ledger live provides a more robust interface for users to view their holdings and manage cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum, and now players can also use it to play a web3 game. ledger’s vp of consumer engineering carl anderson said they hope to see more games on the platform in the future.


By Evey Lovelace

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