Greece Mourns the Passing of Last King Constantine II at Age 82

Constantine ii of greece has passed away at the age of 82. he had been living in athens and passed away in an intensive care unit at a private hospital. he was married to princess anne-marie of denmark and had five children. he was a keen sailor and won gold in a team event at the 1960 olympics in rome.

Late king constantine ii ascended to the throne in 1964 during a turbulent period in greek history. he was forced to flee abroad following an unsuccessful counter-coup and the monarchy was abolished in 1973. as a result, he was stripped of his greek citizenship. in 2002, he and other family members received compensation for their former property.

Death of king constantine ii happened in an intensive care unit in a private hospital in athens. it was a result of his age and natural causes. he had to flee his country in 1973 due to the abolishment of the monarchy and was stripped of his greek citizenship. he and his family were later compensated for their former property in 2002.

By Evey Lovelace

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