GALA Token Surges 115% as Gala Games Announces Film Projects with Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg

Games was involved in the situation, which saw its gala token more than double in value over the past seven days. on monday, they deleted a tweet about their “ongoing work” with actors dwayne “the rock” johnson and mark wahlberg, which prompted questions from twitter and discord users. gala film announced in november that it was working with johnson’s seven bucks productions to produce the feature-length documentary “four down” from director steven cantor.

Surge in gala token’s value started this week, predating the now-deleted tweet. gala games tweeted this morning about its “partnership with mark wahlberg’s unrealistic ideas,” and pointed to a youtube recording of a gala games livestream from november 2022. the livestream featured unrealistic ideas president and partner archie gips, who mentioned the companies are working on a documentary film tentatively titled “caught stealing.” out of respect to its partners, gala games removed the tweet that was “a bit overzealous.”

Documentary “caught stealing” is about a pony league youth baseball team in 1963, which eventually produced a number of mlb draft picks but whose coach was robbing banks all the while. the original gala games tweet and the attached discord screenshot did not mention that the film projects are documentaries, or that the respective documentaries are about subjects other than the actors themselves. gala games is expanding into mobile web3 gaming, which may have been the reason for the sudden rise in gala token’s value. gala is down nearly 14% in value over the last 24 hours, per data from coingecko, falling to a price of about $0.037 per token.

By Evey Lovelace

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