“Feetpix.wtf: The NFT Collection Causing a Stir in Crypto’s ‘Degen Season’!”

(or feetpix.wtf) is an nft collection consisting of 10,000 images of quentin tarantino’s favorite appendage. the collection was created by an anonymous group of artists, and since its debut three days ago, it has done 640 eth—about $855,000—in trading. the majority of this trading volume has come in the last 24 hours.

Was initially free to mint, but the floor price has since jumped to 0.135 eth, or about $180. the collection has seen over 16,000 transactions and has become the 5th most-traded collection on nft marketplace opensea. crypto twitter has hailed feetpix’s success as an indicator that “degen season” has returned.

Creators derided their own project’s sudden success, scolding feetpix holders for showing signs of sexual deviancy. the nft market saw $25 billion in trading volume in 2021, but crashed after the onset of crypto’s latest winter in may. sales had fallen some 88% by the end of 2022. feetpix’s rarity is based on attributes such as accessories, nail polish color, and skin tone, and its website is scored to a rhythmic dance track of echoing moans. there is also a handpix.wtf collection on opensea with a lower sales volume and floor price. it appears that feetpix’s success is a result of its unique concept and marketing, as well as the resurgence of the nft market.


By Evey Lovelace

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