Twitter Introduces ‘Awards’ and ‘Coins’ Feature – Can Crypto Payments be Far Behind?

Is developing a new feature that will allow users to give each other “awards” using “coins” that can be purchased with fiat currency. twitter is the company involved, and they are creating a purchase interface and menu item button for coins, and will use stripe to process payments in fiat. this is part of twitter’s monetization strategy, which is continuing to develop despite losing much of its staff just a few months ago following new ceo elon musk’s takeover.

Development of this feature began last year, when twitter tested usdc payouts through stripe for creators monetizing their content through its social media site. those who receive twitter awards will have to wait until they’ve earned at least $50 worth to redeem. security researcher and data miner jane manchun wong said that twitter’s awards will include reactions such as “mind blown,” “bravo,” “bullseye,” “gem,” and “crown.”

Is using stripe to process payments in fiat. it’s possible crypto could be added as a payment method through stripe, allowing users to buy twitter coins with crypto in the future. such reactions will require coins to give to a user’s tweet, similar to reddit gold. developer and app researcher nima owji said that he also hadn’t found any signs that crypto will be involved with coins or awards, though twitter has not yet responded to decrypt’s requests for comment. twitter is likely continuing to develop this feature in order to increase their monetization strategy and provide users with more options to reward content creators.

By Evey Lovelace

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