“Proud Boys Face 20 Years in Prison as Trial for Capitol Riot Begins”

Trial of five members of the far-right proud boys group is set to begin this week, with the defendants charged with seditious conspiracy and other crimes related to the 6 january 2021 capitol riot. more than 100 members of the proud boys gathered near the washington monument before making their way to the capitol, resulting in dozens of arrests and now facing trial. enrique tarrio, the leader of the proud boys, was arrested in washington, d.c. in january 2021 and documents released by a congressional committee investigating the capitol attack showed a sharp rift between oath keepers and proud boys.

Events of the capitol riot occurred on 6 january 2021, with the proud boys gathering near the washington monument before making their way to the capitol. joe biden mentioned the proud boys during a presidential debate, to which donald trump responded with: “proud boys, stand back and stand by.” the southern poverty law center has designated the proud boys as a hate group.

Proud boys were poorly organised and had no preconceived plan to storm the building, according to lawyers for the defendants. the group’s fame was sparked by donald trump’s comment “proud boys, stand back and stand by” during the presidential debate. luis enrique tarrio expressed his anger at the move when he told congressional investigators, “i didn’t like stewart rhodes. i still don’t like stewart rhodes.” tarrio is likely to be called as a witness in the trial. if found guilty, the proud boys could face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.


By Evey Lovelace

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