Former Brasília Security Chief Accused of Sabotage in Wake of Riots Following Lula’s Inauguration

Unrest in brasília on sunday was caused by supporters of former president jair bolsonaro, who stormed congress, the presidential palace and the supreme court. the events led to the dismissal of anderson torres, former public security chief of brasília, who has been accused of “sabotaging” local police forces and of failing to prevent the riots. federal intervenor in public security, ricardo cappelli, accused anderson torres of conducting a “structured sabotage operation” and of failing to provide any leadership.

Riots occurred a week after president luiz inácio lula da silva, widely known as lula, was sworn in on january 1. on monday, officers began to dismantle a camp of mr bolsonaro’s supporters which had been set up outside army barracks since the presidential election. authorities arrested 1,200 people in brasília on sunday, in addition to the 300 detainees from the previous day.

Unrest was caused by jair bolsonaro’s supporters, who were angry over the legitimate democratic result of the presidential election. video evidence has shown some police officers taking photos and laughing together as demonstrators occupied the congressional campus. lula has accused security forces of neglecting their duty in allowing the riots to take place and of “incompetence, bad faith or malice” for failing to stop the demonstrators from accessing congress. jair bolsonaro, who lost the election, remained silent and allowed his supporters to be angry over the result. on tuesday, his son senator flavio bolsonaro said his father had been silently “licking his wounds” since losing the election and denied any responsibility for the riots.

By Evey Lovelace

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