“BONKz NFT Collection Sells Out in Hours, Sparking Renewed Buzz Around Solana Space”

Morning, the bonkz nft collection debuted, and sold out in a matter of hours. the nfts sold for 16.25 million bonk apiece, or about $26 worth. contributing to the project was solana creative studio omni and artists such as john lê and degen poet. the bonk spent on the mint was burned, meaning permanently destroyed, by the creators.

Bonkz nft collection debuted this morning, and sold out in a matter of hours. it was created in the solana space, a blockchain-based platform, and is commanding a significant premium on the secondary market. trillions of bonk were airdropped to members of the solana community in december.

Bonkz nft collection was created due to the popularity of the bonk token, which is similar to dogecoin and the ethereum-based shiba inu (shib). it has inspired renewed buzz around the solana space, and the price of sol has doubled since crashing to a nearly two-year low just above $8. bonk token is up 86% over the last week, and was up 3,300% on the week at one point. however, today it is down almost 4% on the day after a couple of earlier up-and-down swings. these meme coins are heavily impacted by social media sentiment.


By Evey Lovelace

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