Six-Year-Old Shoots Teacher at US Primary School, Motive Unclear

Friday, a six-year-old child shot their teacher, abby zwerner, at a us primary school. the teacher is in a stable condition and talking to family and friends. novah jones, a fifth grade pupil, was present during the altercation and described the moment her class was locked-down.

Shooting occurred in a first grade classroom in the city of newport news, which has a population of around 180,000 people. it is located about 70 miles (112km) south-east of the state capital richmond. the school, which has about 550 pupils, will remain closed all week to give its students and families time to heal.

Child is in police custody and it is unclear how they obtained the gun. pupils were checked at random with metal detectors, but not every child was inspected. the shooting did not appear to be accidental and police have declined to say what might have motivated it. the teacher is 25 years old.

By Evey Lovelace

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