Six Rescued After Gunmen Abduct 32 at Nigerian Train Station

1: on saturday, security forces in edo state, southern nigeria, rescued six of the 32 people who were abducted at a train station. among those taken were station staff and passengers waiting for a train. a suspect has also been arrested in connection with the abductions.
paragraph 2: the abduction occurred at the train station in igueben, edo state. reports say that a large group of gunmen, armed with ak-47s, shot in the air as they entered the station before seizing the travellers and staff and taking them to a nearby forest.
paragraph 3: incidents of kidnapping for ransom, as well as gunmen targeting communities for political reasons, have been on the rise in recent years in nigeria. the federal government has condemned the abduction of the passengers, describing it as “despicable and utterly barbaric”. the latest incident comes in the month before a presidential election where security is a major campaign issue.

By Evey Lovelace

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