“Rioters Destroy Incalculable Artwork and Valuables in Brazil’s Presidential Palace”

The morning of may 30th, thousands of far-right supporters of brazil’s ex-leader, jair bolsonaro, wreaked havoc on congress, the supreme court and presidential palace in brasilia. the rioters caused immense destruction, leaving a trail of destruction behind them. they destroyed artwork and sculptures, including a painting by emiliano di cavalcanti and a bronze sculpture by o flautista, both of which are worth millions of reais. wooden sculptures by frans krajcberg were also broken and thrown away, estimated at 300,000 reais. political leaders condemned the grave attack on the country’s democratic fabric.

Rioting occurred in brasilia, the capital of brazil, on may 30th. the far-right supporters of jair bolsonaro stormed the congress, the supreme court, and the presidential palace. at the presidential palace, the rioters destroyed a painting of the flag of brazil, a bronze sculpture, and wooden sculptures, as well as a showcase table and a clock. the clock was a 17th-century grandfather, gifted from france to king dom joao iv, and one of only two timepieces like it in the world.

Rioters caused immense destruction to the artwork and sculptures, leaving a trail of destruction behind them. the artwork was beyond repair, and the value of what was destroyed is incalculable because of the history it represents. political leaders condemned the attack on the country’s democratic fabric. the collection is a representation of all the presidents who represented the brazilian people during this long period that begins with jk. it appears that the rioters were protesting against the government and its policies, which is why they chose to vandalize the artwork and sculptures.


By Evey Lovelace

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