Logan Paul Apologizes to CryptoZoo Investors After Project Fails

logan paul was involved in a cryptocurrency game called cryptozoo. paul had encouraged people to buy cryptocurrency collectables for the game and promised that it would be fun and help players make money. unfortunately, despite millions of dollars in sales, paul suddenly stopped talking about cryptozoo and seemed to abandon the project. stephen findeisen, known as coffeezilla on youtube, created a three-part video series about cryptozoo, calling it a “scam”.

the project took place over the past few months. paul had been talking about cryptozoo on his podcast and had encouraged people to invest in the project. coffeezilla spoke to investors from around the world who claimed to have spent hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on cryptozoo items, but felt abandoned by paul.

paul admitted making a mistake in hiring “conmen” and “felons” to run his project, but denied the failure of the project was his fault. he believes that it is important for ‘founders’ to do what they promised investors and so he wrote on the cryptozoo discord page that he would be “taking accountability, apologising and coming forward with a plan in the near future”. one investor who had invested $40,000 (â£33,000) in the project after hearing paul talk about it on his podcast said that paul had dragged everyone along with no words and was only now trying to make amends.


By Evey Lovelace

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