“Bolsonaro’s Supporters Turn to Chaos and Undemocratic Solutions After His Election Loss”

1: jair bolsonaro, the former brazilian president, and his supporters were involved in a series of events that led to chaos in society. bolsonaro has continually questioned the efficacy of brazil’s institutions, accusing the supreme federal court of being politically against him and the voting system of being prone to fraud. his supporters took on his narrative wholeheartedly and have been angry since his electoral defeat in october. bolsonaro has gone very quiet since then, not publicly conceding defeat and instead, flying off to florida to avoid having to hand over the presidential sash to lula. ibaneis rocha, the governor of brasilia and a long-time ally of jair bolsonaro, was suspended for 90 days and anderson torres, the security secretary of brasilia, was dismissed.

2: these events happened in october 2020 and have been ongoing since then. supporters set fire to federal police headquarters in brasilia and a possible bomb plot was thwarted against lula’s inauguration. international pressure is mounting for joe biden to extradite the former brazilian president, jair bolsonaro, to face questions back home.

3: the protestors’ grievances are primarily directed at lula, rather than bolsonaro. they have accused lula of being a corrupt politician who belongs in prison and not in the presidential palace. they have also accused lula of being a communist and wanting to impose a regime like venezuela or cuba. the protestors are determined to fight for what they believe is “democracy” by proposing a military intervention to “save” brazil, which is highly undemocratic and thus unlikely to succeed. bolsonaro may not have masterminded the invasion, but his narrative enabled it.


By Evey Lovelace

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