“Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Brazil’s Congress in Protest of “Stolen” Election”

October 31, 2021, thousands of supporters of brazil’s former president jair bolsonaro stormed the country’s congress, supreme court and presidential palace. this was in response to the acrimonious presidential elections in october 2022, in which bolsonaro was narrowly defeated by his left-wing rival, luiz inácio lula da silva. lula condemned those behind the storming as “fanatic fascists”.

Storming of brazil’s government institutions took place on october 31, 2021. it occurred at the congress, supreme court and presidential palace in the country’s capital, brasilia. the cause of the unrest was the election of lula, which many of bolsonaro’s supporters saw as a “communist threat”.

Rioting was a result of bolsonaro’s divisive rhetoric and questioning of the validity of brazil’s electoral system. he had claimed that the electronic voting system was vulnerable to fraud, a claim that was dismissed by the electoral authorities. despite this, many brazilians continue to believe that the election was “stolen” from them. in response to this, they took matters into their own hands, leading to the occupation of government institutions. bolsonaro took to twitter to reject the accusation made by lula that he had made speeches encouraging the unrest in brasilia. but the extremism of those who took part in the rioting has become hard to rein in.


By Evey Lovelace

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