“1,200 Arrested After Violent Protests in Brazil in Support of Former President Bolsonaro”

Than 1,200 people were arrested after protests in brazil in support of former president jair bolsonaro turned violent. president lula denounced the “terrorist acts” and vowed to punish the perpetrators. president jair bolsonaro condemned the attack and denied responsibility for encouraging the rioters in a post on twitter.
the incident occurred on the day of lula’s inauguration. it happened in the capital, brasília, where protesters had been gathering since the morning on the lawns in front of the parliament and up and down the kilometre of the esplanada avenue, which is lined with government ministries and national monuments. video footage shared by the brazilian outlet o globo showed some officers laughing and taking photos together as demonstrators occupied the congressional campus in the background, while others smashed windows and reached the senate chamber, jumping on seats and using benches as slides.
the protesters defended their actions when questioned by reporters. they were calling for the former president, lula, to be put back in prison and for military intervention in the elections, which they allege were stolen. comparisons to the storming of the us capitol by supporters of donald trump were made by many. the incident drew condemnation from world leaders, including the united states, canada, mexico, colombia, germany, the uk, china, and turkey.


By Evey Lovelace

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