“Writer Fakes Own Death to Escape Bullying, Causes Shockwave in Writing Community”

Meachen was the main figure involved in the story, as she faked her own death. her family was also involved in the affair, and members of her writing group are now looking to the local sheriff’s department to file fraud claims. ms meachen’s “daughter” posted on her facebook account asking for help completing her mother’s final novel and promoting her previous work.
the events occurred recently, with ms meachen’s “daughter” posting on her facebook account and members of the writing group looking to the local sheriff’s department to file fraud claims. the story took place online, with the “daughter’s” post on facebook, and ms meachen’s alleged comment to writer michael gallagher.
ms meachen allegedly told writer michael gallagher that the only way to find relief from the online bullying she said she endured was to fake her own death. people have expressed their disbelief, with one commenting that “something like this only happens in fiction”. ms adams commented on the situation, saying that ms meachen possibly believed her books would get attention if she died. whenever ms meachen wrote ‘supposed to’, she would write ‘post to’ instead. ms meachen told upstream reviews that the same toxicity that drove her to this decision also justified it. ms meachen’s next book will be a romance about a woman bullied into ‘death’ who returns for a fresh start at life and love. in a post on facebook, ms meachen said she was in a better place and hoped to write again.


By Evey Lovelace

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