“Sam Bankman-Fried Facing Over 130 Years in Jail as Hollywood Adapts FTX Collapse for Film, TV, and Documentary”

Bankman-fried, the founder of ftx, is now facing criminal charges that could put him in jail for over 130 years. michael lewis is writing a book on sam bankman-fried, which was initially set to focus on his rapid rise and embrace of effective altruism before the collapse of ftx provided a dramatic surprise ending. apple is reportedly nearing a deal with lewis in the mid-seven-figure range for the film and tv rights to his book. other interested parties include amazon studios, david heyman, josh gad’s management company sugar23, and netflix. adam mckay is said to be potentially involved, while joe and anthony russo are producing an ftx miniseries for amazon. graham moore is writing and directing an adaptation of new york magazine’s cover story on the downfall of ftx for vox media studios.

Criminal charges against sam bankman-fried were brought forward in early 2021, when michael lewis began writing a book on him and the collapse of ftx. apple, amazon studios, david heyman, sugar23, and netflix are all interested in the mid-seven-figure deal for the film and tv rights to the book. adam mckay, joe and anthony russo, graham moore, and david darg are all involved in various projects related to the downfall of ftx.

Collapse of ftx happened when bankman-fried was unable to pay back the debts he had accrued. this led to an investigation into his financial dealings, which revealed fraudulent activities and resulted in criminal charges being brought against him. myco and decrypt studios, the production arm of ftx, also faced scrutiny in the aftermath of the collapse. the downfall of ftx has been the subject of various projects, from books to films and tv series, as people are eager to learn more about the story of this crypto mogul.


By Evey Lovelace

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