Four Arrested in Kenya for Killing of LGBTQ Activist and Fashion Designer Edwin Chiloba

People have been arrested in kenya over the killing of lgbtq activist and fashion designer edwin chiloba. chiloba’s long-time friend was arrested as the main suspect, and three more suspects were arrested on saturday. his body was found in a decomposed state by the roadside near the western town of eldoret.

Killing of chiloba happened last month. he had moved to eldoret from the capital, nairobi, in 2019 to study fashion and was beginning to make a name for himself in design. preliminary investigations showed that his eyes had been gouged out before his body was dumped in a metal box by a roadside.

Motive for chiloba’s killing is still unclear, but rights groups have linked it to his sexuality. last month chiloba wrote on instagram that he was “going to fight for all marginalised people”, saying that he himself had been marginalised. human rights groups have called on police to swiftly resolve his killing. the vehicle thought to have been used to dump chiloba’s body was also seized by police.

By Evey Lovelace

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