DJ Plus One Leverages Web3 Technology to Create Unique Audiovisual Experiences for Upcoming Album “Metamorphic”

Plus one, the stage name of electronic musician and past world champion turntablist niall dailly, has leveraged web3 technology to create interactive visual experiences for his upcoming album “metamorphic.” dailly collaborated with 3d artist logan gomez and art director jeff metal to create the project, which is an experiment in web3 media and community governance. the album will be released as an exclusive, experiential nft drop, where holders determine the fate of the public experience.

Nft drop is currently scheduled to launch at 1 eth each (currently about $1,260), with 100 nfts available. each nft points to a web-based experience, each featuring 10 songs from the album. those interested in purchasing an nft must be approved by creator dailly in a video chat interview. the interactive web-based locales will be accessible to everyone to experience for at least six months.

Used lidar tech to scan real-world environments, creating a 3d environment to pair with his glitchy electronic soundscapes. each interactive space is viewable in a web browser or a compatible vr headset, allowing users to explore the audiovisual imagery. after the six month period, the nft owners will have to decide whether to keep the art private or make it available to all. collectors who purchase all 10 tracks can later claim an album token with governance rights. the smart contract for the project contains a function to disable public access to the website with the “metamorphic” experiences, which can be triggered by the album token owners through a voting process. dailly is passionate about the open technological possibilities of web3, and is excited for what the future of music in the space holds.

By Evey Lovelace

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